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The best folding electric scooter bike is the more convenient way for your daily commute. The foldable e-bike doesn’t only make your commute easier but provides a safer ride than regular ones. Besides, to get the best folding electric scooter is not an easy pie to choose from when there are countless options available on the market. But throw your worries out because we have compiled the top-rated folding electric scooter to make your ride safe as well as comfortable. However, if you want to get a reliable electric scooter bike, then you will need to consider these products! Let’s take a peek!

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Quick Look at Top 7 Best Folding Electric Scooter bike

preview Kids/Adult Scooter with 3 Seconds Easy-Folding System
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Kids/Adult Scooter with 3 Seconds Easy-Folding System
preview Xiaomi Mi Electric Scooter
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Xiaomi Mi Electric Scooter
preview Gotrax GXL Commuting Electric Scooter
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Gotrax GXL Commuting Electric Scooter
preview Swagtron High Speed Electric Scooter
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Swagtron High Speed Electric Scooter
preview Segway Ninebot ES4 Electric Kick Scooter
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Segway Ninebot ES4 Electric Kick Scooter
preview Macwheel Electric Scooter – Long Range
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Macwheel Electric Scooter – Long Range
preview SwagCycle EB-5 Pro Folding EBike
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SwagCycle EB-5 Pro Folding EBike

Kids/Adult Scooter with 3 Seconds Easy-Folding System

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This electric scooter provides more than a fun way to ride. It is easier to use as well as transport for urban commuters. There are incredible and useful features included that make it a perfect choice to choose from.

This model is super easy to fold. It will be your commute partner, ready to go in no time. With its innovative design, it offers to have a comfortable ride just like a rolling suitcase.

It will last 15 miles on a single charge at the speed of 15MPH. However, to get fully charged, it takes 3.5hours.

There are featuring 200mm tires with a honeycomb interior that the military developed. Also, there is no suspension. The tires don’t require any maintenance. In addition, the wheels never go flat.

With a powerful braking system with an anti-lock mechanism, it offers deeper control. It makes sure; you will get the safer ride than you expect.

Additionally, out of the fantastic features, it can stand up vertically by itself.

Moreover, this model offers 3-second folding. With 8.8 pound weight, this electric bike keeps your ride happy.

Apart from features, some users are not satisfied with this model. The reason is, it doesn’t provide suspension. There is only one rear brake. Also, it can’t climb on hills.

  • Easy to fold
  • Stand vertically by itself
  • Bright headlight with a taillight
  • Less charging time
  • Excellent battery life
  • Easy to carry and store
  • Without suspension
  • Only a rear brake
  • Not good on bumpy surfaces
Sum Up
Overall, this provides a comfortable ride on the even ground. It is ideal for the last mile commuting with public transportation or distant parking at a reasonable price. Besides the cons, if you are looking for the best folding electric scooter bike, it is the right choice with dime features.


Xiaomi Mi Electric Scooter

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The Xiaomi has earned so many hearts in a short time. Due to its high-quality construction and performance, it is a perfect electric bike to your daily commute.

It gives a reliable performance with a simple and lightweight design. There is featuring 250W powerful front hub motor, that allows high travel speed. It covers the ultra-long cruise distance.

When it comes to the construction, its material is surprisingly high-quality. From the handlebar to the finish point, it is flawless. There is a rubber handlebar. It provides a nonslippery firm grip.

For added safety, there is featuring E-ABS on the front and mechanical disc brake. It has an anti-lock system that makes it highly responsive as well as efficient.

This electric scooter is covering up to 18.6 miles at the speed of 15.5 MPH. However, it takes 5.5 hours to charge fully.

Moreover, it has 26.9lbs of weight. It makes it portable. Therefore, you can easily carry in your hand and store.

Additionally, this product is boosted with the Kinetic energy recovery system. This feature makes it possible to convert kinetic energy into mechanical energy for storage as well as reuse. As a result, the battery life will prolong.

Another vital consideration is, it allows cruise control on the Mi Home app. This app allows an electric bike to go into an intelligent riding mode.

Lastly, there are featured a bright headlight that makes your riding at night easier. Further, with taillights, it warns other vehicles while braking.

  • More secure to ride
  • Notable battery life
  • Shock-resistant wheels
  • Covers great distance
  • Lightweight, portable and foldable
  • Not ideal on bumpy ground
  • Carry a rider’s weight only 220 lbs
Sum Up
Overall, the Xiaomi M365 has environmentally featured. It is an ideal choice for your daily commute. With impressive quality and provide a safe ride, it is the best foldable electric bike out there.


Gotrax GXL Commuting Electric Scooter

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The Gotrax GXL Commuting Electric Scooter is such a dime in our list products. It is the Best Folding Electric Scooter Bike for several reasons.

It has a stylish, sleek, and seamless design. There are standout features included. With a dual braking system, it makes it worth to purchase for the price tag.

Using a foot pedal feature, its rear brake offers a convenient control. The brake also has an anti-lock feature that is highly efficient yet responsive.

This model has 8.5” air-filled wheels. These make it easier to ride over bumpy and crack roads. There is a built-in dynamic handlebar with a display. It let you conveniently track battery life and speed.

Additionally, it is included with headlight so that you can ride even at night.

The material is water-resistant and UL2271 certified. With durable construction and safety features, this e-bike is the most suitable choice to choose from.

However, this unit offers to speed up to 115.5 mph ranges up to 12 miles per charge. It is boosted with a 250W powerful motor with a 36V battery. Besides, it takes 3 to 4 hours to charge completely.

Moreover, it comes with 27 pounds in weight that can carry up to 220lbs. Its compact size makes it easier to carry for whatever your travels may take you. Also, it is easier to store even a narrow place.

Last but not least, this unit offers a low price at such convenient features.

  • Dual braking system
  • Lightweight and portable
  • Comes with headlight and taillight
  • Ideal over bumpy grounds
  • Affordable and foldable quickly
  • There are some buyers complained about its poor customer support.
Sum Up
Overall, the Gotrax GXL is a perfect fit for your daily commute. With amazing features and quality, it is an affordable folding electric scooter bike.


Swagtron High-Speed Electric Scooter

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The Swagtron High-Speed Electric Scooter will be your best decision when it comes to the folding electric scooter e bike. The Swagtron e-bike considers being the lightest e-scooters in the world.

Indeed, this model has an attractive design built to last. It has a rugged aluminum frame capable of supporting riders up to 320 pounds. Unlike other models, this one supports the higher weight of riders.

This product has 27 pounds of weight. There is an integrated LED display that indicates current battery life, speed, and Bluetooth status.

There is boosted 250 W motor. It allows you to travel up 11 miles at 18MPH higher speed rate. However, it takes up to 3.5 hours to charge fully. To get more control, it has released an android and IOS app.

Using the app, you can pair it with your smartphone to activate cruise control. It allows you to select the speed, route plan using GPS, control the headlight, and more.

Additionally, the app also supported a theft-deterrent lock as well as alarm mode. Unwrap its package; there is included phone mount.

Unfortunately, this unit doesn’t support groundbreaking. In spite of this, it is the best folding electric scooter bike.

The material is made of aluminum alloy. It is enough to handle conveniently on rough rides. With featuring low-maintenance airless honeycomb rear tire technology, it delivers smooth riding even over bumpy or uneven terrain.

Moreover, it is easier to fold in three steps. It allows you to store underneath your bus or train seat easily.

  • Covers large area
  • Energy efficient
  • Provide a smooth ride
  • Lightweight and portable
  • Great over bumpy grounds
  • acceleration power is not much strong
Sum Up
Overall, the Swagtron High-Speed Electric Scooter provides a fast and safe ride. It is a kick start e-bike has smart features that are more convenient over other models at affordable price.


Segway Ninebot ES4 Electric Kick Scooter

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The Segway Ninebot ES4 is another best Folding Electric Scooter Bike. It has a sleek and modern design. with every prominent feature, it is the best perfect fit available on the market.

It comes with a dual battery system. The external battery power makes it possible to ride up to 28 miles. Unlike other models, this is the most convenient feature available in ES4.

Its wheels are a dual shock absorber. It is well-engineered so that you can ride over bumpy grounds and uneven terrain.

However, it runs 28 miles at the speed of 19MPH, which is pretty fast. This is making it the best e-bike out there.

Out of its amazing features, this unit comes with a mechanical and electric anti-lock system. It provides powerful braking. It also added more safety while riding.

Its total weight is 30.9 lbs providing a one-touch folding system. With no time, it is the best folding electric scooter bike. Also, it let you easily place under the seat of the bus or carry wherever you go.

Moreover, there are featuring headlights that give a smooth ride at night. With LED display, it indicates speed range or remaining battery life.

Another great feature is, there are included large solid tires. Therefore, there is no need of maintenance as compared to air-filled tires.

Above all, the ES4 has the most stylish design, which can turn so many heads at the park.

  • Provide high speed
  • External battery pack
  • Well-built model yet
  • Long-range coverage
  • Lightweight and portable
  • Low max weight
  • Expensive with an additional battery
Sum Up
Overall, the Segway Ninebot ES4 offers superior quality and smart features. It makes your ride comfortable over 28 miles, which is impressive.


Macwheel Electric Scooter – Long Range

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The Macwheel Electric Scooter has a more powerful motor. It comes with 350W electric hub motor, which allows speed up to 15.6 MPH.

Its battery life is enough to commute with you up to 18.6 miles. However, the range also varied on different conditions, rider’s weight as well as speed or terrains.

There are featuring 8.5” non-pneumatic tires. Air-free technology doesn’t require maintenance. There is no need to bump them. With this technology, there is also no need for punctures.

Unlike other models, it has a double suspension system. At its front and on the back suspension system, it is providing a smoother yet safer ride. Even on really bad terrains, it allows comfortable riding.

Another great feature, it has a double braking system with the anti-lock mechanism. It provides more safety. Besides, we recommend you to use the rear mechanical brake then use the E-ABS brake.

Also, this e-bike is more efficient yet responsive. There are LED headlights as well as sensor rear lights. Its headlight range is up to 5 meters that makes your travel more practical and safe.

However, its rear lights are designed by gravity sensing. That’s the reason; these light may not lighten up at the same time.

Another more amazing feature is providing a multifunctional LED display. It indicates remaining power, real-time speed as well as speed modes.

Additionally, there is a single press D button. It allows you to turn on the front light. If you double press the D button, you can change the speed mode as well.

  • Lightweight and portable
  • Anti-punctures wheels
  • Safety features
  • Adjustable speed modes
  • Great for a longer commute
  • Splash guard shaking
  • Cannot turn off the cruise control
Sum Up
Overall, the Macwheel Electric Scooter has outstanding features and long battery life. With its amazing convenient features, it is the best pick out there available on the market.


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SwagCycle EB-5 Pro Folding EBike

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Lastly, we have the best folding electric scooter bike. The SwagCycle EB-5 Pro comes in pre-assembled. There is no need to waste your time assembling.

It has an adjustable height handlebar. The handlebar allows adjustability to your preference. Also, with the adjustable bicycle seat, it provides a stable position. It allows to comfortability ride on it for a longer commute.

There are featuring 14-inch wheels. These are made of rubber texture with air-filled tires. Also, these tires ensure better traction. But there is little maintenance required.

However, this e-bike covers a 15.5-mile distance at the speed of 15.5 speed on a single charge. But it takes 4 to 5 hours to charge it fully.

This unit can accommodate rider weight up to 264 pounds. It takes three seconds to fold it. Also, it allows you to place it under desks, or subways even in partially narrow places.

Moreover, this e-bole comes with powerful stopping when you need it. Thanks to features Autoguard technology, it ensures the motor automatically disengages upon braking.

Additionally, if there is a sudden obstacle that comes in view and you are holding its throttle, it rests assured you will get immediate as well as responsive braking. As soon as possible, it will automatically stop the e-bike effectively.

However, it’s weight is 37 pounds, which is not heavier as compared to other models. We assure you this e-bike can perfectly fit your needs.

  • Comfortable to ride
  • High speed
  • Great battery life
  • Highly adjustable
  • Foldable electric scooter bike
  • Its kickstand spring is tiny making it flimsy
  • Also, not ideal for big jumps
Sum Up
Overall, the SwagCycle EB-5 Pro is the best folding electric scooter e bike. With incredible features, it is one of the most affordable e-bikes. It provides well-construction, a comfortable ride, and an impressively portable design with a long battery life.


Buyer Guide 

Motor and Speed 

As we guys know that foldable electric scooter can be used for transportation. Over 90% of a foldable e-bike is used for portability. In this context, the first thing that you should keep in mind would be its speed. At this point, the speed depends on the motor. How much a powerful motor is featured, the more speed rate will be provided.

However, if you are looking for the fast speed range, then we recommend you to commute between 14 to 25 MPH speed. It is fast enough and powered with a powerful motor. Thus, in this speed range, the motor should be between 250-500W is most suitable. This speed is also ideal for the daily commute.

But to get more speed, you can select 25+ MPH. In this speed range, the hub motor system comes with two motors. Normally, it will deliver up to 1000W.

Besides, we suggest you, if you are an adult, then select between 14 MPH to 25MPH. However, below 14 aged younger suggested between 10 MPH to 15 MPH depending on age.

Before commuting, it is also suggested to wear proper gear. It is also good to wear a helmet.

Range and Battery Mile 

In order to get the best folding electric scooter bike, it is vital to have a higher quality motor. The reason is, the high-quality motor will cover the higher distance. Besides, there are two types of batteries, including lithium-ion and lead-acid.

However, the lead-acid could be replaced at a low price while lithium-ion provides better performance as well as short charging time. Indeed, it is costly than the lead-acid battery type.

Therefore, it is important to consider your budget. We recommend you if you are looking for long term battery, then lithium-ion is suitable. It also provides energy-efficient products.

Moreover, between 12-24 voltage batteries are ideal for running over 12 miles on a single charge. Also, it takes 3 to 6 hours to charge fully, depending on the voltage.

Furthermore, there are some most superior models that tales only one to1.5 hour to charge. But these products come with a higher price range.

On the flip side, the lead-acid battery type takes longer hours to charge. It takes between 12 to 24 hours to charge fully. Thus, we recommend, always take an extra battery with you as back up, if you are going to cover a long distance.

Braking System 

This is the most important factor to get a safer ride. So you should not be compromised over it. In the electric scooter bike, the most common braking system is front and rear brake. It is the most efficient and provides smooth stopping. However, it is integrated into the handlebars to give a quick response.

Therefore, you should need to consider when you are looking at the braking system, is it highly responsive? If you are going to make an offline purchase, then it is recommended to carry our e-scooter to test its braking power. On the other side, if you are making an online purchase, then you should carefully read product detail. Most importantly, it is recommended to read buyer reviews from trusted sites.

Even more, it is also good to ask the manufacturers. These listed products on our site provide good customer support. You can check out when you are buying online.


It is also essential to get high-quality material. If you are an adult, it is important to get a durable frame. However, we recommend getting the aluminum material. The reason is, it is not only lightweight but also durable.

Furthermore, there is a wide range of aluminum material in terms of performance. But the most robust is with ultra-lightweight characteristics. Aside from material weight, it is also important to take a peek at the rider’s weight capacity.

However, if you are a fine buyer, then get an electric scooter bike that can carry between 200-250 lbs. But if you are heavier, then you should select the range between 250-350 lbs.


Without any doubt, the Best Folding Electric Scooter Bike must be portable. If you are looking for a foldable electric bike and scooter combo, then the product should be easier to carry.

There are a huge range of dimensions available. And the folding mechanism comes with two ranges, including one-second folding as well as three seconds folding. You should pick that fit your needs.


Last but not least, it is also an important aspect to consider your budget range so that you will be able to get valued purchase for the price. However, there are countless options available. But if you are going to get a daily commute partner, then get from $200 to $2000 to your preference.

Also, it is good all the high valued designs don’t provide efficient pros for the price. Therefore, you should figure out your needs then select accordingly to your budget that closely fulfills your needs.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is the best folding electric scooter bike?
  • Kids/Adult Scooter with 3 Seconds Easy-Folding System
  • Xiaomi Mi Electric Scooter
  • Gotrax GXL Commuting Electric Scooter
  • Swagtron High-Speed Electric Scooter
  • Segway Ninebot ES4 Electric Kick Scooter
  • Macwheel Electric Scooter
  • SwagCycle EB-5 Pro Folding EBike
Can I attach an extra/external battery to my electric scooter bike?
Well, it depends on the product. If the electric scooter bike supports an additional battery, then you can attach it easily. It is recommended to ask from manufacturers of the product.
Can I ride my electric scooter bike in wet conditions?
There are so many electric scooter bikes that are water-resistant. These types of e-bikes support to ride in wet conditions. But we suggest you don’t use the e-bike in intense wet conditions. The reason is, it might be harmful to an e-bike. But you can ask from manufacturers as well.
Can I use my electric scooter bike for cycling too?
Well, it is yes. If your purpose is getting fun or travel around the town, then you can use your electric scooter bike for cycling. But if you are using a bicycle for a walk, then it is no.
Is electric scooter bike safe?
In fact, some so many people consider it unsafe to use an electric scooter bike. But there is no such harmful thing that makes electric scooter bike unsafe. Indeed, e-bikes are most convenient and provide safe riding. That being said, if you follow the safety measures, then the e-scooter is completely safe for you.

The Final Thoughts
All in all, the best folding electric scooter bike is not easy to select. But we have listed the top-rated product so that you will make a reliable, full-featured, durable purchase for the price. Besides, whichever your choice will be, we assure you it will be with you for years. Don’t make hassle, the first figure out your needs and read the listed buyer guide so that you will make a wiser decision. However, we are hopping; our selected products will be a dime for you. If you are confusing, which is ideal for your needs, then you can comment on us. We are here always to help you. Thank you for visiting us!
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